A lot of people are nowadays more conscious of what they consume; especially, when it comes to the water they drink. Take a random check and you will find that at least 7 out of 10 people have suffered some water-borne diseases. This fact is astounding because most people drink tap water which the government treats and purifies.


Therefore, there is an increase in the number of people seeking water filters to purify their drinking water. With so many brands out in the market, it becomes such a daunting task to find the appropriate water filter. Nevertheless, by reading through big berkey water filter review sites, you are likely to get the right information regarding which water filter to go for.


But how do you know which water filter reviews to trust? Here are a few tips to pick a good water filter review. If you want to read more information about water filter reviews, you can go to


You need to check that the review is not biased in favor of certain water filter brands. It does not matter whether the water filter review is in praise or against the brands in review, a good water review must incorporate a number of brands and not limited to specific ones only. As such, when going through a water filter review it is important you determine that the review is about all the major brands in the market and is not only about a certain brand.


If a review is only focused on a specific brand, it is more likely from the brand manufacturer if in favor or a competitor if strongly against the product. Such water filter reviews are bound to be biased and therefore not reliable. Normally, a good review from is the one written by ordinary users of the water filter brand detailing what they think are the good side of the brand and its bad side for a reader to have a picture of the product before actually buying it and not for marketing any brand instead.


Another aspect of a good water filter review is whether it considers all the features of the water filter. If the not mentioning of certain features is because they are not considered important to the water filter practicality, it should be so said right before the review. If the review falls short of this rule, then you cannot make up your mind on an incomplete review. Remember, a product can have a weakness in one feature but has strengths ion many other features.



In conclusion, a good water filter review is the one that makes a verdict. However well the water filter review is done, if there is no verdict at the end then it is more likely to confuse the reader as opposed to helping them make up their mind.